Sim not recognized Q24CL002


Dear all,
we produce various system that bring it the Q24CL002 FW 657c09gm.
Until today we were satisfied but in the last month with some SIM card UK we get some problem , the system doesn’t recognize it.
The system try to initialize but it’s is not recognize it so the system cut the feeding.
Is it a SIM card that is not compatible with module firmware ?
Thanks for your help



The Q24 is extremely old now and it could well be that the operators are issuing SIM’s which have a level of functionality that the Q24 just does not have given that the last version is over 4 years old now.




Thaks Matt,
It is likely to be so '.
The problem is that I have many systems with q24.
I wanted to understand if the firmware that there is ‘installed is the’ latest release or if there are other, more recent, that maybe could solve my problem.


The last firmware was something like 6.57h, you can see this by sending ati3 or at+cgmr (there will be a whole load of other information around these key characters, ignore it).