Sierra EM7455 GPS Porting Issue


I got some problems on gps porting.
I follow the device/linaro/hikey/ add the following in my,



the service runs successfully, and actually the gps is also worked, but sometimes the system occurs ANR and gets stuck repeatedly while device booting due to the android.hardware.gnss@1.0-service

The process status shows the android.hardware.gnss@1.0-service WCHAN is futex_wait_queue_me, but in normal case the WCHAN should be binder_thread_read.

gps 1300 1 29952 3940 futex_wait_queue_me 785b7b73b0 S android.hardware.gnss@1.0-service

Please refer to the attached error logs.

  1. Watchdog.txt
    Watchdog.txt (2.3 KB)
  2. anr_2021-07-08-16-11-41-087.txt
    anr_2021-07-08-16-11-41-087.txt (303.7 KB)
  3. anr_2021-07-08-16-12-18-072.txt
    anr_2021-07-08-16-12-18-072.txt (302.9 KB)
  4. debuggerd_backtrace_android.hardware.gnss@1.0-service.txt
    debuggerd_backtrace_android.hardware.gnss@1.0-service.txt (4.7 KB)

Platform information:
CPU: Qualcomm SDM660
Android version: Android 9.0
Kernel version: 4.4.153

Any help would be appreciated.