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Dear friends
I came the next challenge
There is a system for monitoring vehicles.
Sources dispatching the remote server programs are not available to me. the transmitting device is a modem Wavecom Fastrack.
Client software is written by me on the basis of Q2406 module, using the appropriate API.
Question: Is there any sense to use this module and the corresponding API to write server software or dispatching is better to do with the development of the use of the existing modem. Or maybe there is still something which decision
Thank you

Not sure I fully understand your problem. You can develop your server/client using existing APIs instead of dispatching the software.
Could you explain better your concern and specify what you are trying to do. What kind of server are you managing? What IP stack are you using?

I’m sure I don’t understand it at all! :confused:

What was the previous “challenge”?
What is your experience in this area?

There are many such systems!
Which one are you talking about?
What is your involvement with it?
How much of it already exists?
How much of it already works?

What do you mean by that?

Why not?
Should they be?
Are you trying to “Reverse-Engineer” some existing system?

What transmitting device?
At the server? Or in the vehicle(s)? Or both? Or what?

What API did you use?
What version(s)?
How are you communicating: SMS? Data Call? GPRS? Or what?

That seems highly unlikely!
The Fastrack is not really a suitable platform for a Server! :open_mouth:

Why do you need to (re-)write Server software?
Doesn’t that already exist? (you said there is a system…) :confused:

Thanks for your reply
Of course the issue requires clarification

  1. Our team has dissolved and programmers who have worked with the program for monitoring left with its programme and the source
  2. I am in the team developed the navigation device, which is on the car (Q2406b Wavecom)
  3. use GSM Traffic, SMS, GPRS, GPS (coordinates, speed)
  4. The need to develop its own communications server to monitor transport
  5. I asked whether it is possible to use a modem instead Q2604b similar module for the reception of communications and combine it with a program written in C for display on a map the location of the facility.
  6. I use Open AT 3.12

Ouch! :open_mouth:

And you don’t have backups or a source-control system?! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

These must be the first things that you address before you even think about writing another line of code!!

What do you mean by that?
Do you mean Circuit-Switched Data (CSD) dial-up calls?

How do you use them?

Certainly - but if you’ve already done the development with the Q2604b, why would you want to?

Are you talking about the units in the remote vehicles, or the central server?

Neither a Q2406 module nor a Fastrack modem is likely to be an appropriate platform for a Server! :open_mouth: