Serial Port's outputstream problem

I’m writing a Java application which accept incoming calls, reading the data, the caller phone number and disconnect the call with “ath” command.
After ittakes the phone number and trying to establish a new call.

When I tried this flow with Windows XP hyper terminal all work well. But, my application has problem with the disconnection


and establish a new call


How it can be solved?


You haven’t said what problem, exactly, you are having! :unamused:

The problem he’s having is that he can’t get his Java program to use the serial port correctly.
He even points out that the problem is with his java program on the comuter:

But this isnt the right place to ask such a question.
this should be asked in a Java forum, because this doesn’t have anything to do with the Fastrack module (or even the Wavecom product line), except that it happens to sit at the end of his serial line!