selima.exe driving me nuts

The serial monitor tool which is used when debugging in RTE mode (selima.exe) is driving me crazy.

Why on earth do wavecom on purpose make a tool that you cannot shutdown manually?!? Up until now i have been able to shut it down through the task manager, but after a fresh installation of the newest dev. suite i can’t even shut it down through the tast manager anymore!

This means that i have to restart my computer to get rid of it. This is not acceptable.

Why do you need to shut it down manually?

It should shut itself down once all its clients are closed - note that means both TMT and the Terminal Emulator…

Why is irrelevant.

And yes, it should, but that almost never works. After a short while, the number of connected clients is over 30, so it never shuts down because they never disconnect as theyre not really there.

I just find it extremely annoying when programmers try to think for their customers. If i want to shut down an application, then i should have that possibility no matter what reason i have for it!

Not necessarily: understanding why you want/need to do it usually enables people to give better, informed suggestions…

Very often on forums like this, people ask “How can I get it to do X” when X is really the wrong thing to do to achieve their goal. If, instead, they had clearly stated the actual goal, then people would immediately suggest, “Don’t mess with X - do Y”.



I don’t usually have a problem with Selima but, when it does go wrong, I agree that this is really annoying!

Don’t know if someone is still looking at this subject, but I’ve got a tip to stop Selima when it remains alive even when all its clients are closed.

  • Go to the Selima HMI by double-clicking the system tray icon
  • Press two times the Alt+Q key combination: this will enable the Quit button
  • …Quit!
    Hope it helps

Brilliant :smiley:

How on earth did you discover that?! :open_mouth:

I agree, my mood was a bit… bad that day :wink:

Incredible! One wonders why they didn’t just make the quit button available from the start, with a message asking if one is sure to quit when there are still clients connected.