Resolve HTTP 400 Bad Request responses

What should I do with a Raven XT or Raven X that produces HTTP 400 Bad Request responses after logging in? We only own four of these and all four exhibit this problem frequently but inconsistently. They have been updated to the most recent firmware (which is pretty old still).

The only solution I’ve found so far is to power cycle the modem. I don’t think that’s an acceptable solution and I expect there must be a better one. Suggestions anyone? How do the professionals deal with this?

These are legacy units and are no longer supported. Which means no more firmware updates.
However, check your browser version. Using an older version of Firefox will work. I think anything prior to version 50.
Or any older versions of the browser you are using.
I know of a client who had a Windows xp box and was able to access the web manager on these units.

Hope that helps,
thanks, Jay.

I have had this problem when using Raven X and Raven XT modems.
The latest version of Internet Explorer always works for me even though I don’t use that browser for anything else other than testing.
Chrome and Firefox will both display the 400 Bad Request errors codes.