RC7620 httpget - Wrong Data content when send at httpget

We get data from server. We upload the file “TEXT00” and try get data form RC7620 use http get. But the content of the downloaded file is different from the content of the uploaded file. The dowload contains extra “\r\n” characters that we don’t want. Why are there such redundancies and how do we recognize and remove them?
I attached the TEXT00 file and the log file we made
TEXT00.zip (190 Bytes)
httpGet.txt (5.3 KB)

You need to verify if this is upload problem or download problem.

Go to your server and check the uploaded file is ok or not

Dowload problem. We checked file server is ok

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I extract the TEXT00.zip, it already has some 0xd0xa in between data …

Hi thanks, I have downloaded the file successfully. I use physical UART1 and increase the baud rate to higher (460800 or 921600) then the received data is corrupted. It seems that the module can only be downloaded at speed115200 , right?

Did you enable hardware flow control on both side?

You can also try usb port to see if this is only happening to uart

My project only uses uart. When I change the speed higher than 115200 and send AT command , there is still a response. But after using httpget, the received data is all wrong.

what do mean by all wrong?
Previous httpGet.txt can receive some data…
Did you enable hardware flow control on both side?

You can route out the USB pin to your PC to do testing

Both sides have turned on the same speed
when setup speed 115200, I get correct data, but change to higher speed get wrong.

i am talking about hardware flow control

What do you mean hardware flow control?

Please google it


I checked it and the control pins are correct

you mean you have enabled it in RC module and host side?

I try download on kit mango yellow and same error. Please check file and help meerro_getData.txt (336.1 KB)

I believe the data loss problem will be fixed by a known internal issue (QTI9X07TX-3493) for high baud rate, probably you need to wait for next FW release.

Thank you for support