Questions regarding latest firmware release for EM7565

I am just after some more information about a fix and known issue in the latest release for the EM7565 because I have been experiencing crashes. It says in the release notes

CR2345454: USB stability for USB SS.

Would this fix potentially improve stability on Linux 4.19.xx? I have been experiencing random crashes, documented in another thread of mine.

Regarding the known issue

On very rare, long term tests, the module may crash and enter download mode.

Can someone explain a little bit more context around this? How long is “long term”? What other circumstances could contribute to the crash? How would we automatically recover from such a crash in the field?

“CR2345454: USB stability for USB SS” is specifically to do with SS (USB Selective Suspend fearture) - typically this is part of power saving modes on likes of Android/Windows platforms. On linux system, it is likely you are not using selective suspend where data may stall with large data (say file) transfer, remote wakeup of module may fail.