Question about the method of request accuracy of Fix by Legato API and the setting method of default value (WP7605)

I use WP7605 for the module. And I am trying to get location information with the Location API.
AT command AT! GPSFIX has a parameter called (Requested accuracy of fix).
In other words, you can set the minimum precision required for FIX data.
However, I could not find this setting in the Location API and GNSS API.
Is there a way to set in Legato?
Is there a latitude / longitude maxDist value returned from legato’s le_pos_Get2DLocation () and le_pos_Get3DLocation ()?

Hi akatagiri1977,
Instead of setting the maxDist, the API le_pos_Get2DLocation() return the horizontal accuracy of the fix.
Thus AT!GPSFIX logic can be done in Legato app code, please refer to sample app gpsApp, which the app call le_gnss_GetLocation() to get fix repeatedly, it stops only when the accuracy reach the required level then report this location info.

Hope it helps.

Hi Lotam-san
Thank you for your reply.
I apologize for my lack of explanation.
I have set MS-Based A-GPS to the GNSS function using AT! GPSFIX.
The purpose is to shorten the GPS positioning time.
However, no assistance data is currently available from the SUPL server.
Apparently, the WP7605 determines whether the SUPL server sends assist data based on the value of maxDist of AT! GPSFIX.

maxDist is small: assist data + base station location information
maxDist is large: base station location information only

In other words, maxDist must be set small to obtain assist data from SUPL.

However, there was no maxDist parameter in le_gnss_SetSuplAssistedMode ().
In addition, it does not exist in Setting configurations.

le_gnss_SetConstellation ()
le_gnss_EnableExtendedEphemerisFile ()
le_gnss_DisableExtendedEphemerisFile ()
le_gnss_SetSuplServerUrl ()
le_gnss_SetNmeaSentences ()
le_gnss_SetMinElevation ()

Could you tell me how to change maxDist equivalent value in Legato API?

Dear Katagiri-san,
Thanks for explanation, seems like you are checking the SUPL Quality of Position which is currently fixed in API. Would you please discuss this further with Sierra support directly?