QMI and DIP aircard simultaneously

Hi everyone, I have a bit of a dilemma here…

Right now I have both the QMI and DIP drivers loaded with QMI Watcher b3974. Both the 7700 and 330 are seen in Device Manager. But I can either use a DIP Watcher OR QMI - I can use one aircard or the other. The problem is with my travelling, I alternate between the two!

Is there a Watcher or way to be able to use both without having to uninstall and install the appropriate Watcher every time? Thanks!

Panasonic Toughbook CF-19, Windows 8.1 Pro
MC7700 (QMI, Bell Mobility, internal)
330U (DIP, Rogers Wireless, USB)

I have done similar test on MC7710 on Windows 7 with driver version3948 and watcher3830.
Here I change the PID of the MC7710 to switch between DIP and QMI modes and in both cases I was able to do PPP using the watcher.

You can have a try in this setup :smiley:


Thanks!! It’s working for me. I see both the 330 and 7700 in the Windows Network area and the Watcher only sees the 330U. All good!