Q2686 os loading


Hi to all,

I am new to this wireless cpu. i want to know how to load the openAT OS in Q2686 module?
let me know please. what are the important thing to do develop application?



hi dude,

Are you talking about loading application or loading OS?
Loading OS has to be done by the distributor only,
and on that OS we can dump our applications and can run them.
It is same as Normal Operating System.
XP will be installed by the admin and we can install and remove normal software.

Hope this resolves your question.



That’s not actually true - but, if you need to ask, it’s probably safest to get your Distributor to do it for you.

The parts should be delivered with firmware loaded - therefore, when ordering the parts, you should specify what firmware you want.

Indeed - you can, if you wish (and feel capable), install your own OS.