Q2406 blocking base station broadcast channel


Got contacted by a customer that had been informed by his operator that two of our units are blocking the Base station broadcast channel!? The units are Q2406b FW6.41 built in 2005 and 2006.
Apparently the units are transmitting constantly at GSM-kanal 88 (907,6 MHz) and GSM kanal 99 (909,8 MHz).

Have anybody heard of this?


Can you please elaborate more on this issue? As mentioned that units are blocking Base station broadcast channel, does broadcast channel here refers to Broadcast Control Channel(BCCH)?And by blocking broadcast channel, do you mean that system information messages (carried by BCCH channel) of Base Transceiver Station are blocked and not received?
Can you please explain the exact scenario?


Hi, thanks for your answer.

The information that I have from the operator is that the unit has transmitted continuously on GSM channel 88 (907.6 MHz) and at a second location on GSM channel 99 (909.8 MHz). The operator says that by transmitting continuously on these frequencies other ME:s are disturbed and more calls then normal are disconnected.
I’m not that familiar with all part of the Base station but I have assumed that they mean the BCCH.
Our unit are not able to call when this happens and when the unit is restarted all is OK.