Q24 with WIPSOFT V3.11 Lock up after refusing incoming call

I am using the Q24 to communicate back to a local server. When the socket is in client mode and communicating with the local server everything is good. If at some point where I change the socket form client to server another call comes in the Q24 will refuse the connection to the server socket. It is either not ready or busy. After the refused call no other call can come in to the Q24 until I change the socket from server to client mode and back to server mode. There is no indication from the Q24 that it did not bring the server socket up correctly. I did find on the website that time is needed between closing the socket and creating the socket. I have tried different amounts of time but nothing seems to help. I believe that it is due to the Q24 refusing a call. Has any one seen anything like this before? Any help would be greatly appreciated!