Q24 Plus module testpoint schematic needed

Hello everybody,
i need a schematic with description for testpoints at the bottom of the back side (above GPIO interface connector) of the Wavecom Q24 Plus module. Well, point description from left to right would be sufficient, if graphics are not available.

Why :question:

The connector is the documented interface; I very much doubt that you’ll get anything else.
If you did get it, it would have to be direct from SiWi (probably under NDA) - not on a public forum…

I was trying to get connection through UART1 but without having to remove module from the motherboard. However,i did it in a curious manner :smiley: , and found what i was looking for. I will post diagram here when i get some spare time to draw it.

As I 've promised, here goes the diagram of the formentioned testpoints.