Problem application restarting indefinitely

HI all
Ive problem with some application on Q2501B, before it worked goodlybut when i have included an IP library “edlib v3.00” and i’ve loaded it into the module, the application restart indefinitely. The size of the the bibary file loaded is 93.4 KB.

But when i’ve loaded another application (including also IP Library) i’ve not a probleme wordk goodly. where the size is 88 KB.

Thanks for reply

Hi Malek,

it is not a problem of the library size.
I think there are 2 possibilities for restarting your application:

  1. A memory violation or a memory overflow in your application.
    In this case the internal watchdog restarts the modul.

2.) Another possibility for a restart is a wrong (older/newer) included library as your installed openat version.

Best regards,