Printing from M2MStudio

I can’t seem to see any options for controlling print output; eg
Font size;
Headers & Footers;
Line Wrapping;
etc, etc,…

window -> preferences -> general -> editors -> text editors

(found by typing “print” in the search box in preferences)
(nothing on headers btw)

and this seems like a eclipse problem again, since they can’t seem to support it in linux, it’s removed from the entire eclips-package.

window -> preferences -> C/C++ > Code Style

and then click on ‘Edit’.

You can manage ‘Line wrapping’ for instance.

window -> preferences -> General > Appearance > Color and Fonts > C/C++
It’s possible to set your own font here.

Different locations to play with these settings :cry:

The only option I see there is a single “margin” setting - presumably the right-hand margin?

Ah - didn’t realise that was a “search” box!


Do they also apply to printing, or just the on-screen editor?

yes I confirm that they (line wrapping and font settings) also apply to printing after some tests.

That’s not much good - the print & screen sizes should be independent.

Still no sign of headers & footers, then…?

Good resolution of the day: Eclipse helps you to reduce printing :slight_smile:

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Eclipse, the all-in-one productivity killer :stuck_out_tongue:

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