Output of SLQSQosSwiReadApnExtraParams


Hello. The output of SLQSQosSwiReadApnExtraParams is a struct sApnExtraParams defined in qaGobiApiQos.h like this:

typedef struct
    ULONG    apnId;
    BYTE     ambr_ul;
    BYTE     ambr_dl;
    BYTE     ambr_ul_ext;
    BYTE     ambr_dl_ext;
    BYTE     ambr_ul_ext2;
    BYTE     ambr_dl_ext2;
} sApnExtraParams;

The first two AMBR items are supposed to be UL/DL values from 1kbps to 8640kbps, the next ones from 8700kbps to 256Mbps and the last ones from 256Mbps to 65280Mbps. But how are the values converted from BYTE to the real value? For example, I see output giving:
What is the UL value here?


I think this is a bug.

I replicated the issue with the callbox:
// Amari callbox settings
// Max AMBR DL 15Mbps
// Max AMBR UL 12Mbps
apn_aggregate_max_bitrate_dl: 15728640,
apn_aggregate_max_bitrate_ul: 12582912,

// Value returned by the SDK
Test Case 1 / 2 : All Valid - profile #1
Return Code: 0 (0x0)
Return Reason: Success
APN id: 1
APN ambr_ul: 254
APN ambr_dl: 254
APN ambr_ul_ext: 39
APN ambr_dl_ext 71
APN ambr_ul_ext2: 0
APN ambr_dl_ext2: 0

I informed the FW guys about the issue.