OpenAT Doesn't work in

Hi All,

    Whenever we are installing the OpenAT, if the N/W is by  N/W Admin Previleged, Then OpenAT doesn't work. If we opened the OpenAT Project Wizard we can't find the option Associated IDE - VC++ in it. This can be solved by installing the S/W in Admin preveleged Mode (By giving the Admin Login and Password).

And i find the problem in CD: If we would like to use Eclips as an Associated IDE, It is not working, Some files are missed in it. Even i tried with our Wavecom Dealer also.

So please keep in mind while we are installing the OpenAT in your system.


What does that mean? What is “N/W”?

I realise that English is not your first language, but abbreviations like this just add to the confusion!

I would generally assume that Admin privilege is required for any software installation…