Octave dashboard layout

The recent Octave dashboard layout change had the “Configured value” and “Reported value” column in resources page swapped. And the “Configured value” column always occupied a fixed (large) portion of the whole page. This has made the “Reported value” column more difficult to read for me. I believe the “Reported value” column will be accessed more frequently for the developer than the “Configured value” column.

Any chance to make the column width of the “Configured value” column adjustable or able to be minilized?

James, thank you for this feedback.

The change has been done for specific reasons: reported values are only reported globall when in Developer mode.

This is the reason why they do not shop up if not in Developer Mode.
It thus makes is more consistent to display them on the right side when in Developer mode to avoid changing the column ordering.

In oder to simplify getting focus on the reported values when developing, we introduced an additional filter this week to the UI:

You will have them ont the right, but you will have a condensed view of values of actual interest to you.


Thanks for the explanation. However, this new filter won’t help as the Configured value column occupied a fixed width that make the most right hand side of Reported value column won’t show.

The best implementation is to make the Configured value column adjustable or minimizable.

Also when I use chrome browser on my phone to check the dashboard, the right hand side of the dashboard can’t be seen. I suspect this is also caused by the fixed width of the Configured value column. This created a problem for me which is I couldn’t change setting because the Apply button on the bottom right corner won’t show.