Octave- Connect the IoT card to mangoH Yellow

Hi Support,

I’m trying to basically develop the simple GPIO-to-Cloud application with Octave and mangOH demonstrated in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYH4J37MxLQ.

But I cannot find the IoT pins in the Octave as to perform the edge actions. as IOT_GPIO1
so do i have to write a legato code to bind the IoT card to mangoh Yellow ? Or what should I have to do in order to bind the IoT connector to the mangoh Yellow?


Hi Kushani, with the mangOH Yellow you shall use the IOT Expansion board to get access to the GPIOs.

Hope this helps

Thanks sorted out :slight_smile:

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I am also trying to follow that simple GPIO-to-Cloud application YouTube tutorial, but the IOT_GPI01 and other IOT GPIO pins are not showing up in the dropdown menu when I try to add a pin.

I have inserted the IoT Expansion board onto my mangOH Yellow. Is there anything else I need to configure for the IOT_GPIO pins to appear?

Thank you!

Note: The URL in dla’s response above is no longer accessible.


your Mangoh has been flashed with a FW made for the WP7702 module and not for the Yellow, this is why it is not showing the appropriate mapping.
Steps to update your Yellow to the latest Yellow FW are given here https://docs.octave.dev/docs/install-the-latest-firmware-on-your-mangoh-yellow
Once this is done, your device will be seen as an Mangoh Yellow and you will be able to update it to any Yellow FW (past or to come)

Furthermore, issue seems to be the same with all the Yellow in your company except the JDJ ones

Hi amons,

Thank you for clearing up my confusion! After updating to the correct firmware, the IOT_GPIO pins are showing up for my devices.