Octave 3.0.0 - ORP SYNC packet type documentation

Is the following table correct - I think the Y is in the wrong column or a third column is needed (Notification - (Octave Edge to asset))

In practice the Octave edge transmits something like the following until the “asset” sends a request (or response) to the “edge device”


Hi John,

Yes, capital ‘Y’ is the correct ASCII character for an initial SYNC packet. This may seem to deviates from the convention used by notifications, where packets initiated by the WP use lower-case letters for the packet type. The reason is that the SYNC packet may eventually be supported in either direction - i.e. an asset may be able to initiate a SYNC in upcoming versions.


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Hi Ian

Thanks - I can see the logic for the ‘Y’ - I think that upper case chars are an indication of a transaction initiator? - but I still think the table is misleading.

In the table the ‘Y’ is in a column called “Request (asset to Octave edge device)”

But capital ‘Y’ should be in a column with a name something like "Notification (Octave edge device to asset) - just made that column name up but hopefully you understand my point