Notation difference between AT+CMGR and AT+AMGD in FXT009 & XTEND

I’ve used Q24 & Q26 before and now moving to 4g
With Q24, Q26, FXT009 Edge and FASTRAX XTEND
AT+CMGR=01 works fine but
AT+CMGD=01 gives ERROR where as with Q24 & Q26 this worked also
with FXT009 Edge, FASTRAX XTEND you need to have “AT+CMGD=1”
Why different notation ? (not a big issue, but still need to update the driver in order to move to 4G)

FXT009 edge is also using Q26 module inside.

If you see the example of AT command user guide, you should use AT+CMGD=1

Hi this is understood.

however AT+CMGR accepts “01” when referring to location where as AT+CMGD does not

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Have you checked the example of +cmgr in the usr guide?
It does not use 01 as first parameter