Non-volatile storage

How much non-volatile storage is available? (file system and Table)

Where do we look for specs on this kind of thing?

Many thanks in advance


The current version of AAF (ALEOS <= 4.3.1) provides a dedicated partition of 8 Mb for the user code. This partition is used both for applicative code and data. So available size depends on what application is installed and their size. The file system might also add some overhead.


Does data stored using the file system api use the 8Mb partition or the OS file system?

There is a total of 8mb shared with all AAF applications. This is not the OS partition.
The 8mb is the partition size.


I guess the simple answer would be that file system api enables to create files into dedicated partition of 8 Mb for the user code, and in deed dedicated partition is shared for all AAF aps.

More detailed answer:
File system api enables to target file either by full or relative path.
The relative path is using current working directory, the initial working directory of an AAF app is a dedicated folder located into the dedicated partition of 8 Mb for the user code.
However, you need to know that the application runs with user rights that prevent it from writing elsewhere than in its dedicated folder.

Hope that makes sens.