No view in Packages Manager


Sorry to ask you about basic question.

I have installed DS ver 2.3.1 and OPAT 2.50.0.A1 that is used for SL8084T.

Then, I opened Package managers to see but there is no view in here like attached file(Temp.jpg).

I expect I can see “Available Packages” and other windows more.

And also, there is no “Open AT perspective” button in top right tabs.

Could you tell me how to solve it ?

Thank you


Your “Open AT” perspective is now the “Applications” perspective, you should find in there everything that you’re used to.

About the “Packages Manager” perspective, if you have no view, just go to the menu, and select the menu “Window / Show View / Other”, and in the popu window pick “Packages Manager / Available Packages” and “Packages Manager / Installed Packages”.


I got it!!!

Thank you :laughing: