Network operator scan results

Hello All,

Just out of curiousity, am wondering what it means in results,that when i doa network scan in the ModemManager Gui in Debian Bullseye,all networks that are found claims. “Availability: Available access tech : EDGE” One time,did see one network listed as “LTE”, and never seen LTE since. Also doing a scan one time after another I may find 10-12,then scan 5 minutes later and none are found?
This is on a pci-e adapter with 5dBi rubber ducky antennas connected to AUX and Main on card…

Hi brcisna,

It seems that LTE signal in your area is too weak.

It turned out to be very simple)

Thank You,

Has anyone ever tried the cheapie outdoor 4g lte bullet antenna you can buy on amazon for about $30 USD. It has like 5 meters of double coax with sma connectors. I am smart enough to know you lose a lot of attentation? in the long leads but at least it is outside in clear line of sight. I dont like having to use more ‘contraptions’ if i dont have to.
Am only getting about a 19% signal at best location inside of house.

Thanks again