Need to stop traffic to go from WCDMA to LTE

One of our customers reports that when the module goes from WCDMA to LTE coverage he has to stop traffic to return to LTE technology. If the traffic through the cellular connection is not stopped, the module remains in WCDMA even if there is LTE coverage available. Is this a normal behaviour? A test with a cellular module works fine without the need to stop traffic.

Hi, this is a normal behaviour. This is how LTE reselection mechanism works

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As Vianney has said this is expected behaviour.

The units will all fallback LTE to 3G but to transfer an active connection from 3G to LTE requires the network to direct the unit to do this, it cannot do it autonomously. Unfortunately the none of the networks have implemented redirection because as a rule it does not affect most of their customers i.e. handsets. Handsets predominantly have short sessions where the radio will enter idle between the sessions and consequently is able to reselect the LTE network before the next session starts, this reselection takes a second or two.



Thank you very much Matt and Vianney!!