Multiple modules in series?

I have two WP7502 modules say moduleA and moduleB. These modules are independently connecting to internet. I am getting a new rmnet interface via ifconfig as the data connection is established.

Now, I am trying to extend and access the internet connection of Module B inside Module A over usb, so that A can have two network interfaces. I have connected moduleB with moduleA over USB.

Currently I am not getting additional network interface into moduleA.
Is it possible to do so?


Hi niteshbhatia008,

Does ModuleB power up probably?
And does ModuleA detect the ModuleB’s USB insert? What is the USB composition configured on ModuleB?

Anyway, guess you can check in for this MangOH connectivity question.


The moduleB powers up and I can see it connected in moduleA via lsusb command. I can also login to moduleB from moduleA. I turn the data on in moduleB using legato command: cm data connect which works fine.
Now, I want to access internet of ModuleB from ModuleA which I don’t know how to configure.