MQTT Commands are not working after CEREG status is changed to 4

Hello, I’m using HL7810.
I connected to the AWS IoT MQTT broker, then I sent AT+MQTTPUB periodically for 2 seconds.
About 20 seconds later the HL7810 doesn’t respond to the AT+MQTTPUB command and the CEREG status is changed to 4.
After 1 second, CEREG status is changed to 5.
Since now the HL7810 doesn’t respond to any AT+MQTT commands(eg: AT+MQTTCNX to reconnect, AT+MQTTCLOSE,…).
but other commands are working(eg: ATI0).

After rebooting the HL7810, it worked for about 20 seconds then did not respond the same way.

Hi @bolt,

  • Which firmware is your HL7810 running? If it’s not the latest firmware, please update to the latest one to see if it resolves the issue. The firmware link is available at the following URL:
  • Do you have any other HL7810 devices? Please try rechecking on another device to see if the issue persists.
  • If the issue still persists, please share the AT command log that you have executed along with the information about HL7810 with me.
The process you have executed to send MQTT commands


Hi @jerdung
It works with no problems after updating the latest firmware.
Thanks for your reply.