MC7710 stability issues on USB 1.1.

We use the MC7710 over a USB 1.1 connection to our gateway.
I know that usb 1.1 is not ideal and that the documention states that not all functions might work, but we have around 2000 units in the field and replacing all these gateways to a model with usb 2.0 ports might take some time.

My issue is that the MC7710 sometimes drops out or resets the connection during large transfers.
<2Mbyte files work fine, no issues.
But trying to do larger transfers leads the MC7710 to re connect to the network, or drop ip connection. Not 100% sure what is happening to be honest.

We get about 8Mbit download speed.
If I fetch a file from a server where I have throttled the max bandwidth to say 4Mbit the problem goes away, my client gets all the data without any issues.
If I remove the throttle and allow the client to get “line speed”, that ends up at around 6-8Mbit, the connection drops out, depending on the client it might be able to resume the conection.

Anyone have any idéas or suggestions on settings that might get the MC7710 to run more stable?


Hi Johan,
I have observed similar issue on MC8705 where sierra experts suggest to change some NV params to change USB voltage. So i will suggest you to contact sierra technical support team. Also you can test with latest firmware version to see is there any improvement…