MC7710 reportCGI capability

Does the MC7710 support the Measurement Configuration “to configure at most one measurement identity using a reporting configuration with the purpose set to reportCGI” (3GPP TS 13.633, section is one of many sections referencing this operation)?

“Annex B (normative): Release 8 and 9 AS feature handling” of 3GPP TS 13.633 lists UE Feature group indicator bits, some of which are required to be = 1 for a UE to support the reportCGI operation.

The “AirPrime MC7710 Product Technical Specification”, Revision 6, March 2013, refers to 3GPP Release 8 conformance, however I am not clear if this includes UE support of the reportCGI operation.

Initial testing this operation indicated that the MC7710 does not appear to support this operation, using firmware version 3.0.x, which appears very old relative to the current version 3.5.x. If so, would a firmware upgrade would add this capability?