MC7455 Android GNSS

Hi everyone,

I’m working with the AirPrime MC7455 to implement LTE data and GNSS positioning. I’ve followed the Android RIL Integration Guide and my LTE is now working.

For what concerns GNSS, I’ve modified the manifest.xml of the device in order to include also GNSS. Should I include /hardware/qcom/gps or /hardware/interfaces/gnss?

It should use a Qualcomm chipset, shouldn’t it?

In the future I’m planning to downgrade to the WP7607, since I don’t use a lot of features of the MC7455, I think I should change the .rc file to run ril-daemon-at instead of the qmi one for LTE. But for GNSS, what should I do?

Thank you

@ricky.i which Android version you were working with?
Yes, WP76 was support QMI, so you could continue to use QMI RIL.

For GPS, as integration guide mentioned. with MC7455, you just need
“AndroidFS/system/vendor/lib64/hw/ should be copied to /system/lib/hw on the target device file system and renamed appropriately for the target device.”



@wzhang thank you for your reply. I’m working with Android 9 Pie. I’ve managed to get GNSS work by putting the library into /system/lib64/hw, since I’m using a ARMv8 64 bit processor.

Good to know for WP7607, I’ll try to switch devices in the near future.