Logging errors when in production


Hi guys,

I wrote an application on a GL6100 modem that acts as a gateway between a TCP/ip software and a modbus RS-485 network.

Things works just fine. I have though some modbus related errors signaled by the TCP/IP software i’m using…incorrect readings and for that i made on the modem level CRC verification for both directions.

My question is how can i save some logs or something while the modem is in production, something like traces but that can be viewed after i disconnect the modem from the serial network…

Hope i made myself clear enough, thanks in advance…


The ADL Flash Service, and the A&D Service give you non-volatile storage.

ADL_MEM_UNINIT gives you RAM storage that is not cleared on a reset (but will still be lost through a power cycle).


Thanks…i thought also to write in flash some error identifiers…but i also though that maybe there an api specially for this…
Thanks for your reponse…i will implement it like this.