Java Virtual Machine on Q26xx

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Has anyone already tried (and managed ?) to have a JVM (either KVM or CLDC HotSpot Implementation) running out a Q26xx device (ARM9 based) ?

btw, I was unable to find any precise documentation about this device throughout the wavecom site … nothing about what ARM9 core is used, nothing about the memory mapping …



No Java, but have you looked at Lua: … plugin=lua

That’s because you don’t have any direct access to the “bare metal” hardware - only via the APIs provided in ADL…

I find the idea of running a java virtual machine on a Q26xx very interesting. C is not a very grateful language and personally I don’t like Lua.
I looked into that about one year ago, but never achieved anything. There are 4 main problems:

  • a Q26xx doesn’t have much flash memory, with a jvm installed there won’t be much room left for java bytecode or subroutines written in C.
  • a Q26xx doesn’t have much RAM, the jvm would have to have a very small footprint, and programming in java would somewhat restricted
  • a Q26xx doesn’t support all of the usual C APIs, notably when it comes to memory managment, therefore any jvm would have to be rewritten in its core components
  • you would have to implement the whole ADL API as classpath, making it available to java.

The first two problems could be solved by choosing the right jvm. The two last problems are just a matter of diligence.
If you were to start such a project as open source (just like Lua) I would be willing to contribute to it.
Let me know if you do something about that.

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The point is I grab a piece of software written in java, running out Motorola G24 (ARM7 based, with java support), and I wanted to test it out the Q2687. I was expecting it would be even more efficient on this platform because of the embedded ARM9 core…

I guess I’d better porting the java code to C++

Thx for your tips.


I once did that in the other direction… I ported 10.000 lines of C code from a Q26xx to the Motorola G24. But that was probably easier than proting Java to C.

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