Issue/anomalies list for HL7688 A2.15.1 firmware

We are using HL7688 for our device cellular communication in our custom board. As we are a medical device manufacturer, we would like to get the anomalies list for the firmware(A2.15.1) that is being used in the HL7688 as this software is considered as SOUP( Software Of Unknown Provenance) .
There is very few details provided in the release notes (AirPrime_HL7688_Firmware_A_2_15_1_Customer_Release_Note_Rev1_0). Is it possible to get the full details, like the detailed description of the issues, severity and occurrence rate, etc, so that we can make a document explaining that these anomalies won’t impact our system?

Hi @Harishk07

Please find it in the attachment.
HL7688_Restrictions and Known Issues_Firmware_A_2_15_1.pdf (400.2 KB)

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