Is it possible to know network disconnect?

I am creating an application for UDP communication in 3G network.
My application can do UDP communication immediately after bearer connected, but after one hour, packets are not sent. (wip_write() is succeed.)
I guess that bearer is disconnected. But, WIP_BEV_IP_DISCONNECTED event does not occur.

Is it possible to know whether there is a network disconnect?

My development environment is following.
LSI of communication unit : SL8084T
Open AT Application Framework package : 2.50.0.A1.201302131145
Internet Library Package : 5.53.0.A1.201211071132


I had this problem on the Q26. Only way I found was to subscribe to the ADL_GPRS_EVENT handler (in ADL, not WIP), and watch for ADL_GPRS_EVENT_ME_UNREG events - which indicate that the network has gone away.

Also, there are some long timeouts associated with the WIP stack - in the order of 12 minutes for TCP timeouts. The appropriate parameters for TCP wip_getOpts() are WIP_COPT_REXMT_MAX and WIP_COPT_REXMT_MAXCNT. I would have a look at the doco for UDP (which I haven’t used) to see if there are the equivalents for a UDP connection.

ciao, Dave

You could also monitoR +CREG:, +CGREG:, +WIND: