iPad / OMG GPS Update issue

OMG2000 Series

We currently are running into issues with the latest iOS patch 11.4.1. It seems the issue can be consistently reproduced on the WiFi only models of the Air 2.

An explanation of what the issue is –
We have an app that connects to a UDP broadcast on a specific port that receives GPS data from the oMG. As of 11.4.0 it has been working without issue however the latest patch we have ran into trouble. The data from the UDP port seems to be dropping on the iOS client side. It will update properly for x amount of time however eventually stop after 5-10 minutes. The connection to the oMG seems to stay connected as well we see no issues in connection state from Wireshark logs. We see the data being broadcasted to the iPad on the correct port from the device endpoint as well. The only way to bring this connection back up is to turn off the WiFi on the device and turn it back on.

Testing –
We have tested multiple iPads which all the WiFi only iPads have had the same issue. We do not have the issue with Cellular iPads connecting to the same device. Even with Cellular turned off the issue doesn’t arise.
We can see the data from the device endpoint being sent to the correct port on the iOS.
We have tested other UDP listening apps with the same result. This does not seem to be app specific issue.
We see no errors in the device console logs when this issue occurs.
Wireless connection stays connected the entire time however it seems the UDP port on the client side stops broadcasting data.
We have used a GPS Simulator through our own network broadcasting UDP data to the same port and cannot reproduce the issue.
It seems to work fine for 5-10 minutes, then stops. Restarting the app, etc has no effect. Only by turning WiFi off/on does it correct itself for another x amount of time.

I do not think this is a direct issue with the oMG device more so an Apple issue which we are in contact with. However I’m wondering if you can offer assistance in what the issue may be. We have noticed that we can send UDP data through our wireless network and can not reproduce the issue. It seems to only occur when receiving data from the oMG. Why I am not sure.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. If I can provide further detail let me know.