Ingeneco5100 and Q24

anyone please help me to connect Q24 to ingeneco5100.
any help would be apreciated

Standard procedure for interfacing anything to anything else:

Was there something specific that you wanted to know?

Thanks Awneil!
i have got ingeneco 5100 and simdex GMA and SPP(simdex is the software supplier).
Ingeneco 5100 is a pstn terminal which can be used as GPRS terminal with external modem. so i bought Q24. Now i am not getting connected.
i am a newbie on this .Even a small suggestion will help me a lot.
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yahoo messenger id is avroy7

So you just want a dumb modem to attach to this equipment?

You do realise that the Q24 is not a complete modem, don’t you?

The Q24 is the essential “heart” or “engine” required to make a modem - but it is not a complete modem in itself.

To make a complete modem based on a Q24 will require some significant electronic (probably also mechanical) design on your part.

Are you really sure this is what you want to do??