Impossible to detect binaries

I seem to end up with this error from time to time.

I am unable to program an application binary to the CPU after this. Is it broken?


Can you just upload the error image again or just write the error you are receiving.

Impossible to detect binaries
Version: Version of firmwareBinary detection failed
Embeded Module: Impossible to retrrieve the WCPU type (no response to ati9 or ati3)
Version: version of bootloaderBinary detection failed

I think that you are using Developer Studio to download the binary.So from the error it seems that the WCPU is not responding after you run some application.
Try downloading the firmware using DWL Win and then try downloading the application binary.


I’ve got the same problem for some projects and I’m afraid downloading the firmware with dwlwin didn’t help. Still the same message, even when the downloaded app can execute. Any other idea?