IIC write problem



I am used to write data into 24c512 eeprom ic . (using Q2687G wave com model )
but i am getting write return error code -2
i given parameter correctly . where is the problem?
i am taking sample code extstorage_iic.c in openAT

i given chip address = AA

can anyone let me know the solution of this problem?

Thanks in advance


Check well chip address (if you need >>1) there is an application note in the site docs (wm_dev_oat_apn_019-002)

Did you check the address size requirement?
The example is based on 16 bit address. Check the funtion drv_I2C_E2P_M24CXX_ComputeBusAccess.

I got access to one of this EEPROM (check the hw too)