HTTP and POST problems

big problem with POST in HTTP protocol. I tried old and lastest revision of WipSoft. :imp: I have the same problem !
My configuration :
Modem => Fastrax Supreme 20 with firmware7.4 and WipSoft5.01
Server => Wampserver 2.0 : Apache 2.2.8 and php 5.2.6

What I see :
With HTTP1.0 and “Content-Length” header :

:slight_smile: If the number in the Content-length is egal with the length of my transfert then the server reponds correctly (without ETX char.)
:frowning: BUT if the lenght is too big more than 3 or 4 KBytes some characters will be lost and the transfer will fail.
:angry: If I put an ‘ETX’ character at the end of my transfert I have no reply from server. Yet the documentation shows that it is necessary to put it ?!

With HTTP1.1 and no “Content-Length” header :

:frowning: With a ‘ETX’ character Side of server datas normally arrive - but Side of wavecom modem I never see answer
:angry: Without a ‘ETX’ character the data transfer does not end properly and the connection is not closed !!

Thanks in advance,

I got the same problem using
WIP Soft v301 on Open AT OS v313
Sep 28 2007 14:53:28 WIPlib:v3a02 WIPSoft:v2a07
on an Q2406B

the documentation does not say a lot on POST, so its try and error.

This is what I get from a standard ubuntu 8.04 system

write: AT+WIPFILE=5,1,4,"http://x.y.z.a/login.php","","","Accept","text/ht
read 36 bytes:



HTTP POST sending 53 bytes:submit=1&user=asad&password=123&submit2=Registrieren♥

HTTP POST returned 4 bytes:
write: AT+WIPCLOSE=5,1
read 8 bytes:



I was making tests on HTTP POST Request, but I don’t know if I was sending the POST structure in a wrong way or getting this problems same as yours, I remember not always recieve answer from server.

I think that you shouldn’t send ETX, and don’t include it in the Content-Length, because ETX close connection when you still are waiting for an answer, that certainly happen.

I found that basic “sending data” in a POST is like this:

variable1=xx&variable2=yy… this is the “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”??? Like sending data in GET Requests in the command line?
Or is in another way for POST coding?

I think I have more trouble with the POST structure so I went for the easiest way for me… GET Request, but the WIPsoft get stock after sending 10 or 20 times… so hard to find the right answer of GET and POST requests problems… because the is no information anyware.

If you find how to solve POST problems, let me know and I will migrate my GET request to POST requests and see if the same problem persist.