How to send data from BX3105 to Iphone BL


I managed to connect my BX3105 module BLE to my Iphone. Can someone tell me how to send a packet of data from the BLE device to my Iphone?


Hi @faridm,
Can you share more the use-cases which you would like to perform on your module? Below is the sample for BLE command

AT+SRBTSYSTEM=3 //// BT system mode BLE and BT classic)

AT+SRBLE=“myName”, 50, 1, 128

AT+SRBLEADV=1 /// Start advertising


AT+SRBLECFG? /// Check BLE connection status, this shows no device registered

AT+SRBLESCAN=2,0 / Scan the devices are advertising

+SRBLESCAN: “04:72:ad:fe:c5:1f”,1,-86,0

+SRBLESCAN: “5c:03:b9:92:ed:ec”,1,-79,6

+SRBLESCAN: “20:fa:bb:20:00:16”,0,-81,6,“BX310x-200016”

+SRBLESCAN: “20:fa:bb:20:00:1A”,0,-81,6,“BX310x-20001A”

+SRBLESCAN: “3b:57:e1:7e:f6:ca”,1,-68,0


AT+SRBLECFG=“20:fa:bb:20:00:16” /// The module connects to Device B

+SRBLECFG: 1,0,“20:fa:bb:20:00:16”,23


AT+SRBLECNX=1 //Initiate connection to device B


AT+SRBLECFG? /// Check BLE connection status, this shows the module has one active connection

+SRBLECFG: 1,1,“20:fa:bb:20:00:16”,23

At the point, the nodule has established a connection to your iPhone then your iPhone needs to install a Melody Smart application which supports to send and receive data over BLE

Connection notifications:

< +SRBLECFG: 1,0,“5c:18:3a:b9:58:6e”,64

< +SRBLE_IND: 1,1

< +SRBLEMTU: 1,64

< +SRBLEMTU: 1,64 Scan devices by pressing on the red button. Click on your device to connect.

2. Send data from Melody Smart app
Data received:

< +SRBCSMARTRECV: 1,0,“hello” Send “Hello” to Euler module.

3. Send data to Melody Smart App
Send data:

AT+SRBCSMARTSEND=1,0,"This is a test"

< OK “This is a test” received from Euler module.

4. Close connection
Disconnection notification:

< +SRBLE_IND: 1,0,19 Press Back button to disconnect.

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Thank you so much for your help! This worked pretty well

How about testing Wifi same same we did with the BLE. Could you please provide a set a commands to validate my wifi communication?


Hi @faridmm,
Please find command below for WIfi configuration

at+srwcfg=3 ////Configure local device Combined Station + Access Point (Wifi)

AT+SRWSTACFG=“TheEve”,“conheodethuong”,1 ///Configure information and enable autoconnect

at+srwstacon=1 ////Connect to access point that has “ssid” = “TheEve”
+SRWSTASTATUS: 1,“TheEve”,“4a:2c:a0:d0:55:ad”,6,3,-34
+SRWSTAIP: “”,“”,“”

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Thank you for your help. That worked very well!

I am using this devboard just to evaluate the current consumption while I am using either BLE or WIFI. I am using a 1 Ohms, 0.5% resistor across J15. I noticed when I am connected to WIFI , I see a current flow of 240mA, is that what it is supposed to be. The datasheet says it should be around 195mA.

Also when I use this command: at+srwstacon=0, I dont see any changes in the current flow: current consumption stays the same.

Any recommendations on how to reduce power consumption while using WIFI?


Hi @faridm,
I am not sure the module supports low power consumption like Bluetooth does. Since the original problem was resolved so you can raise this concern on the separate ticket. Then we can find out something helpful. Thanks for your all questions and help us tick Solutions if the answers useful to you