How to make AR755x module enter low power mode?

Hi, we want to make an application and the function is to make the module enter low power consumption status, secondary low power consumption status and wake up from these status. Dose anybody have some examples about this ? Please share me these examples if you have it.Or, can you give me some hints ?

I am not sure what is meant by “secondary low power consumption”, but you can control the module power status using the following APIs:

  • le_pm_NewWakeupSource()
  • le_pm_StayAwake()
  • le_pm_Relax()
    These APIs are available in Legato 15.01 release, please refer to documentation.

There is also an example of how these are used in components/modemServices/modemDaemon/le_mcc.c.

To start using low power modes, kernel auto-sleep feature has to be enabled:

echo mem > /sys/power/autosleep