How to know if my chip is faulty?


I would like to know how to know if my chip or my card is faulty, because I don’t manage to communicate with it. I could check a pin with my oscilloscope for exemple. Is it possible ?

My card : Development KIT Q26 WM0402301-111-30
My chip : AirPrime Q2687RD.



Thats a bit of a difficult question given the detail you have put here. Assuming the following

  • You have plugged the board in correctly.
  • You have LED’s showing the board is powered up.
  • You have a SIM card installed.

If you measure the voltage on the CTS line on the header on the board, if you press the reset button it should toggle when the unit is powering up. If you see the toggle but are not getting any AT commands out of the UART then either the level shifter on the unit has blown or you have a DIP switch incorrectly set somewhere.

It would be helpful if you posted a picture of your board powered up so I could see the switches and LED’s you have on.