How to get started in develop

I want to develop an application that connects to the Internet and 10 in 10minutos sends some data to a server.

OpenAT I already have installed, suggesting that I would like to start a tutorial in the world of development.

What are the tools we can use to debug?

Where i can see wip_debug output?

The actual file names may differ slightly for different versions of the SDK, but:

For WIP specifically, you will need to study the “Open-AT IP Connectivity Development Guide (WIPlib v4.00)”, WIP_Open_AT_IP_Connectivity_Development_Guide_V4_00.pdf

For more, see: search.php?keywords=tutorial+tools&terms=all&author=awneil&sc=1&sf=all&sr=posts&sk=t&sd=d&st=0&ch=300&t=0&submit=Search

And, of course, for doing anything over the Internet (or other IP-based networks) you will need a working understanding of how IP-based networks work, internet protocols, etc…

Hi all,
I started the Open AT tutorial (Rev 006).

Everything fine until page 21: “In the Remote Application Controller”.

When I press the “start” button a “Server Busy” pop up window appears:
“This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose ‘Switch To’ activate the busy program and correct the problem”.

What should I do?
Could you give me a further explanation about which application is acting as a server, and which application is acting as a client, who are the other possible clients making the server busy, or which are the resource locks that could block the server?

I am running the SDK in Windows Vista.




I’ve seen this response when the target board is not communicating with the PC.

Have you got the Q26xx target board connected to the PC, powered up and responding?

Also, have you got the right COM port selected in the TMT environment?

Note: I’m running XP…haven’t tried the dev environment on Vista.

ciao, Dave

Hi everyone.

May you please shed light on how to establish a TCP/IP connection using the Q2687 modem. I am not really understanding the TCP/IP example on the SDK. I need to get a general overview of how to start writing code to establish a TCP/IP connection and how to use run this on terminal emulator or target monitoring too.