How is it with +CREG: 2 and +WIND: 8 when loosing network

Hi there

What is the relation between +creg: 2 indication (not registered, searching for network)
and the +wind: 8 indication (lost network)

My test case
Fastrack Supreme
OpenAT 6.63d
I’m subscribing to +WIND: 8 and +CREG: 2 unsolicitet responses in my openAT application.
When I disconnect my antenna, the signal strength drops (down to level of 2 maybe). When I poll at+creg? response, I can see that the module in the end looses network and at+creg? response changes from being +CREG: 2,1,"…", “…” (connected) to +CREG: 2,2 (searching) and the diode stops blinking.

I would expect the +WIND: 8 to pop in at some time, after loosing network (+CREG: 2,2), but this happens occasionally… or almost just not at all.

Hows that?