How can I set UART2 in transparent mode?

I need to set the uart2 in receive mode based on a timeout instead of waiting for \r or \n how can I proceed using the fcm functions?
For the Unix user I am looking to the equivalent of ioctl() functions.

FCM delivers all data to the data handler - it is always “transparent”.

I am afraid I was not clear enough,
Problem is the device has to send a \r or \n at the end of the data frame for them to be received by the handler. I need the handler to exit and deliver the datas to the application on timeout.

say a device sends “ABCD” to RXD of the uart2, I need the handler to deliver the datas to my application after a timeout of 10 ms. This is what we call the raw mode as opposite to the blocked mode where a \r or \n is needed in order to deliver the block received.

Then you will have to implement that behaviour!

The FCM just delivers the data unmodified to your data handler; you must provide suitable code in your handler to pass the data on to you application in whatever way you require.

Thanks, The raw/transparent mode being the default, this is perfect.

Note that it’s not just the “default”; it is the only mode for FCM - there is no other!

Thanks a lot, It is OK now.