HL7800-M KHTTPGET always sends auth header

I am using HL7800-M. and testing at+httpget command. I found it always sends out the authorization header even when it is not set.


It says success next, +KHTTP_IND: 1,3,184,200,“OK” but here’s the headers the server receives:

[host] => mytestsite.com
[Authorization] => Basic Og=

I even tried


to make sure the http auth user and password were blank strings. The module still sends the Authorization header to the server, and value is Og= which is means blank.

Is there any way I can prevent khttpget from sending authorization header? I want to save data. I can use ktcpsnd but i like khttpget better.

Hi @vincentkezel,

No, there is not. It is a behavior of KHTTPGET command on the HL7800.

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