HL7588 Driver on Android 6.0 __write_chk function


I am trying to port Sierra HL7588 driver (AndroidRIL_V6.0.12_ARM64_6.0_V1.0_bin.zip) on Android 6.0 (arm64) and we found the driver cannot be loaded successfully.

The Sierra RIL Library (arm64) is crashed while loading it on Android 6.0 because it uses an function called “__write_chk” , and it was not found in our libc library on Android 6.0.

In AOSP, the function (“__write_chk”) has been implemented and exported in libc library on Android 7,
but it is not implemented in libc library on Android 6.

Am I using the correct driver? Is there anyone knows how to solve this issue?
Thank you!

I’ve seen the same issue trying to get a MC7304 to work with Android 6. In the end, I pulled the Android 7 __write_chk function into Android 6. It wasn’t to much effort once I’d figured out what was going on, even for this hardware engineer!

Regards, Jon.

Hi ,

On HL7354 device We were also trying to link and face the same issue. however , even we copied the __write_chk function implementation from Android 7.0 libc file , still the sierra RIL .so is unable to resolve that symbol. Could you provide me specific mechanism for the same.