HL credential create

Hello all. My HL module has lost credentials. Can you help me create an account for the HL module to log in to the AVMS server? I found the website https://oma-utils.airvantage.sierrawireless.local/, it help create a new profile to login to AVMS but I can’t access it.

Hi cuvanhung1996,

How do you know your HL module has lost credentials? Please provide your full AT logs.
If you don’t have the AVMS account, you should request from your contact.

Thank Sierra_klin2. Can you access the website https://oma-utils.airvantage.sierrawireless.local/ successfully? If you can access to it, you can help create credentials. I will send you Seri Number of HL module

No. The server is not avaiable any more.
Please provide the Serial Number. What is the HL product name? HL8548?

Serial Number is TD722285151201. It’s HL7650 module. Thankyou so much!

Hi cuvanhung1996, sorry, now only sierra factory can manage the credential data.