HL-7692 AT+CSIM didn't returning acknowledge on Envelope APDU

Recently I’m working on AT+CSIM command in HL-7692 modem.

When I use Select and Get Response APDU Command, I able to retrieve the response / acknowledge for Get Response APDU Command from the SIM.
+CSIM: 4, "“6127"”

AT+CSIM=10, "“00C0000027"”
+CSIM: 82, "“62258202782183023F00A50B800171830302442B8701008A01058B032F0602C6069001808301019000"”

But when I use Envelope APDU Command on AT+CSIM command, the modem didn’t return the response / acknowledge even though there’s data to be returned from SIM.
AT+CSIM=130, ““80C2000078D13A8202838106069126180100008B2C4000817F16220210123000071F027000001A0D0000000000000000000000010000A40004023F0000C0000027"”
+CSIM: 4,”“9000"”

Additional Setting:
+CREG: 0,1

+CFUN: 1,0


+CGACT: 1,1"

Is there any settings that need to be done before using AT+CSIM command for envelope APDU (SMS-Submit and SMS-Delivery) so it returning the response / acknowledge?
Is there any AT+CSIM sample for envelope that returning data / acknowledge?

Thank you.

What is the purpose on this action?

Hi @jyijyi ,

Thank you for comment on my post.

My purpose is to create an automation test using this device.

Since the server are not really reliable to send the envelope (sometimes it sent the envelope, sometimes it doesn’t sent), so we intended to send the envelope command directly to SIM using AT+CSIM.

And had an expectation that we will get the acknowledgement from SIM through the device so we can check the data with our expected data.

Thank you.

have you tried your +CSIM command on other modem to see if the command is working fine?

BTW, what is the purpose for server to send the envelope?

Hi Jyijyi,
I never tried +CSIM command on other modem since We only have 4 same modem from Sierra.

Sorry if my explanation is not clear enough. And hopefully my new explanation is clear enough.

The server that I’m talking about is provider server not our own server.

If I use +CMGS command to send APDU message (for example read data APDU message) from Modem A and send it to Modem B, Modem A will send this APDU message to provider server, and then provider server will construct an envelope APDU and send it to Modem B (destinated number) so it can be continued to SIM.

Since the APDU message from provider server are using envelope APDU, as per my understanding it will return a PoR (Proof of Receipt) from SIM to provider server. Which mean this PoR will be sent to provider server through Modem B.

Because if we use Comprion SIM Spy Tool, we can see that if SIM received envelope command from provider server through Modem, the SIM will procceed something and giving a PoR response. Yet it’s not shown in the acknowledge of the modem.

In my case, since we want created an automation test for our SIM card, we’d liked to “cut off” the flow of “sending +CMGS to provider server” and “waiting an envelope APDU response from provider server”. Since the provider server is not reliable (sometimes it send the envelope APDU response quite quick, sometimes it took a long time and sometimes it doesn’t send it), and we know how to construct envelope APDU response from provider server, we want to do manually send the envelope APDU to the SIM using +CSIM.

Since envelope APDU command that sent to the SIM will give a PoR (Proof of Response) so it can be sent to the provider server through the modem, My assumption that this PoR will be put on “acknowledge” on the modem. This assumption is created because If we use a regular “read record”, “read binary” and also “get response” apdu command, the response data from SIM are being put in acknowledge of the modem.

Do you know if there’s a configuration for the modem so +CSIM with Envelope APDU command will giving an acknowledge to the modem?

Thank you

no, i don’t know

BTW, have you tried your +CSIM command on other modem to see if the command is working fine?